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    Raxkor staff consists of highly qualified specialists, real professionals of their business, suitable with special attention to fulfillment of each order.
    Online support
    Regardless of the location of the client, the sphere of activity of the enterprise, we will provide qualified assistance, using all the benefits offered by the World Wide Web.
    Individuality of projects
    We approach each order individually. Our main goal is to achieve success, to raise the organization of the client to a new level, to increase demand, to increase the number of consumers and all this we will achieve together and with maximum our efficiency.
    It is important for the client how his task is solved, and our goal is a high-quality result and prove to the client by deed, and not the word that he was not mistaken in choosing the freelance Raxkor team.
    Reasonable prices
    By collaborating with Raxkor freelancers you will get a decent result at an acceptable price.
    About us
    Team of Raxkor developers

    Raxkor is the first freelance company (freelance team) providing services: website programming, CRM system development, bulletin board creation, online store development, mobile app creation, online project support. We cooperate with enterprises, organizations, individuals wishing to fully emphasize their status, quality of services provided, professionalism through the Internet.

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    Stage 1:
    Application for development
    When we receive your application for project development, we try to contact you as soon as possible.
    Stage 2:
    Discussion of the project
    Our task is to determine what kind of site you need, what goals you pursue and how you want to promote.
    To do this, we hold a personal meeting with you or telephone calls and discuss all issues related to the development of your project, as well as to clarify all additional key points.
    Stage 3:
    After discussion, we make a list of tasks and determine the conditions of your project.
    We try to plan the entire stage and process of our cooperation with you in the smallest details. Transparency of cooperation is important for us, and we want you to always know what we are working on and how, how much time it can take and how much it can cost.
    Stage 4:
    We try to provide a full range of services, and therefore our team is responsible for creating the project, from buying and setting up a domain with hosting to ongoing support and online training to work with the admin panel (project).
    Stage 5:
    Optimization and testing
    Upon completion of the main project development, we participate in one of the important stages of cooperation - optimization and testing. The task of our team is to create the highest quality, optimized projects that we could be proud of and delight you.
    Stage 6:
    Filling of the website
    However, as practice shows, filling the site is one of the most important stages before the full launch and one of the most voluminous. Of course, this work can be done directly by the customer himself, but there are times when the help of specialists is needed.
    Our team is ready to help and carry out this work on the basis that the price of an hour of filling work is known to be lower than one hour of work of a programmer or even an employee of the customer.
    Stage 7:
    Support and development of the project
    When launching your project, we don’t “say goodbye” to you, but organize informational, technical support for your project, train customers and (or) customer’s staff to work with the admin panel and the resource as a whole, we are engaged in its development, as well as promote and advertise it .
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    If You need to make a statement on the Internet, and at the same time, make a bright and (or) unusual statement, then you need to think about creating a ​business card website​.

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    We all noticed the popularity of the destination pages development or as it is commonly called — landing pages (also known as a single page website).

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