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    Technical support

    Ongoing online support for the quality and stable functioning of the site

    The site is a complex structure of objects, the state of which must be constantly maintained in working mode. Problems with the site actually occur much more often than you think. Thanks to our technical support, your site will never have a performance problem. You also do not need to worry and wait for someone to get involved in solving your problem, since we are constantly online.

    The fastest way to solve problems

    As a rule, a lot of time passes from the moment of receiving the client’s application and fixing the problem to the implementation and their correction. Therefore, our team was able to optimize our workflow to such a level that our customers would always be able to quickly and efficiently receive our support.

    You have complete control of everything

    Thanks to our online tools that we use to work and to interact with customers, you will always know how much time we spent on solving a particular problem. Also, you will “see” online where and what exactly we are working on now, as well as how much this will all cost in the financial matter. You fully control, regulate and, to some extent, optimize your workflow.

    Monitoring the timely development of technology

    We constantly monitor modern technologies and their updates. Thanks to this, customers who enjoy our support are the first to receive all the latest updates. Our team is trying to provide and implement all the most relevant information for the development, improvement and modernization of your projects.

    Save time and money

    Our team makes every effort to provide project support services no worse than leading companies / studios in terms of professionalism. But due to the fact that we are positioning ourselves precisely as a “freelance team”, we are trying to provide the most advantageous prices for online support. Thanks to this “combination”, you get a high level of support at an affordable price.

    Continuous modernization of the project

    We will not only maintain the efficiency of your project, but will also make every effort to modernize it. Our team will constantly offer you and (or) “generate” lists of adjustments and points of modernization of your resource for its development, improvement and popularization on the Internet.

    Why you should choose us
    • And:
    • Video reports of the work of our specialists
    • Financial guarantees
    • SEO controller
    • Site efficiency growth
    • Content support
    время реакции
    Reaction time up to 15 minutes
    на связи 24/7
    On-line 24/7
    обеспечение безопасности
    Security and online monitoring
    Personal manager and support team
    рекомендации по развитию проекта
    Project Development Recommendations
    User Behavior Analytics
    Affordable and clear consultation
    Quality support work
    • And:
    • Video reports of the work of our specialists
    • Financial guarantees
    • SEO controller
    • Site efficiency growth
    • Content support
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    Answers on questions
    What services and workload does technical support include?
    Our team offers several types of technical support, which include the necessary and certain amount of work to support and modernize your project. Some of the main services are: - Online consultations of your personal manager; - Analysis of site traffic; - Drawing up recommendations for improvement / modernization of the project; - Technical support site; - Website monitoring online; - Work with the content (content) of the site, including SEO-optimization; - Etc. If we did not indicate or list something, this does not mean that we do not or do not provide it. A certain amount of work is discussed individually.
    Our project was developed (finalized) by other developers. Can you support our product?
    Sure. Our team is not “afraid” of someone else’s code; we can easily modify and maintain code written by other developers. The most important thing is to give us access to the code / admin panel (if any) + write a list of tasks, what will need to be done and send all this to us. After that, we will analyze and form you a price offer, as well as inform you of a detailed plan for our support.
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