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Freelance company (freelance team) Raxkor, which offers a range of services. Possessing all the necessary knowledge, our experts will do everything efficiently and in the shortest possible time. Many customers who contacted us once become our regular customers.

Our experience

Online support
Website development
Creating an online store
Web programming
Personal account development
CRM Development
Create a bulletin board
Mobile Application Development


We are responsible for the tasks performed and try to provide the most worthy result.

Core technology team

Below we can see the main technologies. This does not mean that we can own it.

  • WordPress, Opencart, uCoz
  • Html5,CSS3, SASS/SCSS
  • PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript
  • Laravel, Phalcon, Go
  • Node.js (Express, Koa), Backbone.js
  • Vue.js (vuex), React.js, ECMAScript
  • API Integration
  • Git, Docker, Npm/Yarn, Gulp
  • SSH, nginx, apache
  • UI/UX Interface
  • Flat Design
  • Python, Java SE, Java Swing, JavaFX
  • WildFly, SpringBoot, Hibernate, GWT
  • Cordova, Flutter
  • MySQL, PostresSQL
  • SEO, Google Adwords
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