If You need to make a statement on the Internet, and at the same time, make a bright and (or) unusual statement, then you need to think about creating a ​business card website​. Today, this format of presentation of yourself, your company or service actually displaces the format of paper business cards that everyone is used to. It should also be noted that this version of the “business card” helps its owner to reach a large audience of point (and not only) users, which increases the probability of finding a larger number of potential consumers of goods, services and products.

What is a business card website?

Sometimes business card websites resemble landing pages in terms of their format, although it is known that the optimal number of pages for this type of website should be up to 5, up to a maximum of 7 pages. We must not forget that the name actually speaks for itself. An important point is that many people confuse the concept of “business card website” with the concept of “corporate ebsite”, because corporate websites are much larger in structure than business card websites.


If we understand these concepts, we will find that the main role of a business card website is nothing more than a representation (manifest) of a company (or enterprise) in the global network, that is on the Internet.

Generally, the main content of a business card website includes:

  • Name / designation of company (individual or legal entity)
  • Description of the scope of the company / individual’s activities
  • Minimum information about the services provision
  • Minimum information about products and facilities of the company
  • Contact information (addresses, phone numbers, emails and all possible ways of communicating)

Why and for what do you need a business card website?

When a young company or enterprise is just starting to actively engage in commercial activities, there is a need to form its first brand, so a business card website is the first step to solve this issue. Also, it is necessary to understand that the need for a statement about yourself in the field of providing a service or goods via the global network (Internet) is one of the main tasks that any company or team is set to do. Sometimes, a statement about yourself or your company on the Internet is the main fact of such an “event”.

Generally, a business card website is suitable for all start-up companies, as well as for all individuals who provide services in various fields:

  • Different travel companies
  • Various insurance policies / companies
  • Notary offices and law firms
  • Various outsourcing firms (for example, in the financial or accounting sector)
  • Remote specialists who work for themselves
  • Private or public institutions that want to provide information about a particular

department / branch

  • And other firms, enterprises, individuals (who need a presentation on the Internet)


According to the analogy, business card websites, as well as landing pages, are designed primarily to inform users. As a rule, on the pages of such a site, users do not find (and do not want to “find”) a large amount of information about the services and goods offered. Although, the owners of such resources, try to provide the most accurate and, at the same time, a short description of their activities, as well as provides all possible ways of communicating with them.


As a rule, the main objectives of such a site are: attracting the attention of visitors and maximum persuasion of potential customers, at least call or write to the owner of the business card website, as well as “cause” a desire the visitor to come to the office or set up a personal meeting.


You also need to remember that the communication components of this website play an important role, namely, the ability of customers to ask a question and get an answer to it, leave feedback, share opinions and information, etc.


We would like to note that one of the main advantages in developing this type of website is ​the proper development of a business card website​, with which you can “get” the opportunity to refine the resource to a full-fledged corporate website, online store or to a full-fledged catalog (although there are cases of updating the business card website to the whole news portal), almost at any time! And the most important things is that the development of a business card website is ​the most budgetary and time-saving project for any company and for any individual who are at the stage of creating their own brand.


Thanks to the experience that the Raxkor team has and improves every day / month / year, we offer you the development of a unique turn-key business card website. The price and the list of our work includes the development and processing of design, creation of layouts and adaptive page making of the website, programming on the website with a convenient, flexible admin panel for the client, site optimization, content and it testing.


We will also try to implement all the necessary components to the website for your full and comfortable work with your business card website .