We all noticed the popularity of the destination pages development or as it is commonly called — landing pages (also known as a single page website). The popularity of developing
this type of website is in demand in all areas of business, from small enterprises to large corporations. Numerous who encounter this concept for the first time ask similar questions: “What is a single page website? What are its pros and cons? What should the landing page be?” etc.

What is a single page website?

There are a large number of multi-page websites, portals, and resources on the Internet however as you have already guessed from the name above landing page is really a single page website that has only one page, no more. The purpose of such a website is that the information that is available on a single page website leads the user of this resource to a specific, certain action on it. Also, it should be noted that a potential consumer of the service, goods, and products that are described on a single page website gets to this offline page as a result of clicking on an advertisement or using the search result.

Why and for what is this landing page needed?

These destination pages (also known as landing pages) are actually intended to involve future potential buyers, as well as to advertise new or, for example, auction goods (products). They are also used as a regular business card website of an organization, as a personal business card on the Internet, or as a temporary promotional website. It is also known that such websites are used to increase conversions.


Conversion is one of the main goals of most owners of single page websites. By “conversion” we mean an increase in the number of active users and their actions on the website they visited. For example, users who visited this page should perform certain actions, for example, filling out forms, registering for an event, subscribing to a newsletter for “capturing” the contact information of the consumer of this resource.


It should also be noted that during the creating such a page (meaning a single page website), we should take into account the psychology of our target audience, the requirements and needs of the consumer in order to “hook” the client and bring him to perform certain actions we need on the website, for example, leave his contact information to contact him.


Some of the most common tasks that are solved using a single page website:

  • Presentation of a new or specific product/service
  • Increase sales of a new or specific product/service
  • Announce of event (for example, concerts, webinars, seminars, presentations, and others)
  • The formation of the client database obtained from the contact data of visitors
  • Site development in the form of a test mode for optimizing the main corporate site
  • Segmentation of the target audience (is implied to involve a certain (specific) group of users, such as partners, sponsors, investors, etc.)

It should be remembered that the concept of landing consists in assuming the solving of specific tasks in the business and enable it to enhance the effectiveness of the main, corporate website.

What are the advantages of having a landing page?

As we mentioned above, the development of a single page website differs from the usual multi-page websites because it does not imply a lot of pages and sections. As a result, we are able to involve our website visitors to the product, goods or service more effectively and precisely. All the information that is posted on the site is nothing more than a “call to action”, which helps to shorten the customer’s path from studying information to purchasing, and also does not allow the user to “get lost” on the site.


Our team is ready to assist you in developing this type of website that will be an effective start for your business. We, the Raxkor team, are ready to take responsibility for the development of all the required stages of the project, from the concept and design development to the implementation of the landing page, as well as further support and maintenance of your project.


Remember that a professionally, high-quality single page website will not “let go” of the visitors until it brings your client to the ultimate goal.