There was a time when people used the services of mail subscriptions, but today, basically, everyone uses the services of online magazines and blogs. So, why are Internet blogs and online magazines so popular and so many people use such “subscriptions”? The thing is that this method of “subscription” allows you to collect, attract and “retain” the largest possible number of interested and active users on the Internet. What’s more, this method allows you to receive high incomes due to monetization of activities on resources, as well as through participation in various, numerous affiliate programs and through the publication of advertising.


Many people develop blogs and online magazines using off-the-shelf options, such as designed or ready-made solutions, while trying to use the minimum capacities of off-the-shelf solutions. Although, the independent development of blogs and the creation of online magazines, without the necessary basic skills (the same skills, such as, site building), in fact is not such an easy task. It is not only lasting, but also quite capacious process.

What is an online magazine, blog?

In fact, for most ordinary Internet users, an online journal and a blog are two similar to each other types of site (for example, there is one way to organize them), although actually there are some fundamental differences between these 2 concepts. So:

  • A blog is usually a website, or rather one of the varieties of popular (in the recent past) Internet diaries and LiveJournal. The purpose of them was that various personalized opinions were expressed on these resources, and also, there was a kind of direct organization for the interaction between the owner of this resource and his or her audience of readers (for example, information exchange and discussion).
  • Online magazines are usually an analogue of print media, magazines and newspapers, the purpose of which is to form a constant, active audience of readers. But do not forget that one of the main tasks of this kind of project is to monetize the project as a whole.

We must understand that both projects of this kind can be both massive projects and stand-alone sites. Mass projects are those projects that can be located on mass platforms, including hundreds of similar, comparable projects from other users of the global network (Internet), for example, LiveJournal. Autonomous sites – these can be sites that are located on separate hosting services, for instance, our blog, where you currently are.

Why and for what reasons do you need an online magazine, a blog?

In fact, the list of the possibilities, the main goals and ideas of blogs and online magazines can be very huge, and all of them are probably different. However, as a general rule, the main reasons and goals are as follows:

  • Firstly, this is the organization of communication by a media company, a person and his or her readers, fans or subscribers, as well as consumers of products. Thanks to this method of interaction, it becomes possible to quickly, efficiently and most importantly, effectively convey relevant information, increase loyalty, or fight negative.
  • Secondly (if this is not at all the most important “task” and the main goal), this is the elaboration of the created marketing strategy. For example, for personal blogs – this is an opportunity to monetize the project, that is, a kind of “directing” the site into a commercial channel, and for corporations or firms – this can be one of the main opportunities to increase the recognition of your brand and (or) the ability to form a target audience.
  • Thirdly, of course, this is the SEO-promotion of the project. Thanks to this type of project, the owner of this resource has the opportunity of inexpensive, effective promotion of the project, as well as the opportunity to increase the traffic of his site without involving various (SEO) tools.

What types of online magazines and blogs are there?

There is no definite answer to this question, however, among the variety of online magazines and blogs we can distinguish such types as:

  • A method, or rather one of the formats for presenting information to users (video, audio, text or complex)
  • Thematic ones are, as a rule, dedicated to a certain activity or a certain direction (for example, sports, art, politics, culture, medicine, freelance and so on)
  • An author type is a type of blog or online magazine where publications are formed by company, organization, corporation, media person, responsible employee.
  • As a “format” of work – it can be either mass (created on a common platform) or stand-alone (created on a separate hosting)


And many more. We reiterate that, as a rule, the types and themes of such resources can be different and have various types.


For this reason, our team of freelancers, the Raxkor team, offers you to take advantage of our skills in the comprehensive creation, development, promotion, and, of course, maintenance “from scratch” (or, as they say, “turnkey”) of your online journal and blog of any kind and complexity. We are always ready to provide you with free advice on this issue and suggest what it’s better to do, how it’s better to do and where to start.